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“I just wanted to express my gratitude to all of you for the renewed spirit at Karate lately.   I've very much appreciated the focus on teaching the rules, seeing each of the instructors gently but firmly enforcing expectations of behaviour, and also seeing the program pushing the kids to take things more seriously. I really think kids these days subconsciously long to have more expected of them. It gives them something to strive for and the structure allows their minds to relax knowing that there's no misunderstanding about how they need to conduct themselves. This is very rare in our culture these days so thank you for being a much needed diamond in the rough.  I was already grateful to all of you for the time that you are investing in our kids but wanted to express my additional appreciation lately. Keep up the good work!”



“I wanted to send a note of praise and thanks - it has been very refreshing to know of all the safety measures that the dojo has taken to ensure the safety of the students and instructors.  I think you are all doing an absolutely wonderful job!  Keep up the great work!”



"Thank you for guiding and mentoring our children the way you do.  We appreciate the support and love you provide for both our kids."


Faizan and Saira

"Thank you for all that this Dojo is able to give to the children of this Community.  We have been privileged to be part of it for 7 years and are looking forward to many many more.  Thank you for all your hard work and dedication."



"Absolutely amazing group.
We are so grateful for their teachings and enthusiasm for what they do."


Cathy and Jay

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