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Shorei-Kan Karate was brought to Canada in 1972 and is currently headed by Vic Hargitt Shihan, 8th degree Black Belt.  Shorei-Kan teaches the Okinawan Goju Ryu style of Karate, meaning a hard/soft style taught in the school of politeness and respect.  It is an effective style of self-defence practiced by persons of all ages in a safe and friendly environment.  It promotes both mental and physical well-being.  The Shuswap Dojo was established in 2011 and is the Honbu Dojo (Headquarters) for Shorei-Kan Canada.  For more information about the Shorei-Kan Canada Karate Association, visit the Association's website.  The Association is a non-profit organisation and all instructors are volunteers.









(classes are on Tuesdays and Thursdays)


  • Children 7 - 10 years old

  • Youths(11+)/adults   

  • 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm

  • 6:45 pm to 8:00 pm 

Spectators are welcome to sit-in during classes.


  • White   

  • Green

  • Brown

  • Black  

(with three stripes for white, green and brown belts)
Testing takes place at the end of each session.


Cedar Heights Social Centre
2316 Lakeview Drive
Sorrento, BC

We wear white uniforms which are available for purchase at the Dojo.  

                            2024 SESSIONS

2 sessions per calendar year:

  • WINTER/SPRING:  6 Feb - 30 May (see note)

  • FALL:                   10 Sept - 12 Dec


NOTE: No classes during the school spring break (18 - 29 Mar).


Family members and friends are welcome  to sit-in during classes; your interest and presence is most encouraging for the students.  In order for the students and instructors to focus on the subjects being taught and to maximize the training during classes, we ask that noise be kept to a minimum, especially during the opening and closing ceremonies.  Thank you for your understanding.

Please allow the instructors to handle the teaching and conduct in class.  We ask the parents not to step in so instructors ca establish the desired behavior in class.  The instructors will handle behavior issues in gradations with concern and care.
                                                           ADDITIONAL  ACTIVITIES

To promote Shorei-Kan Karate, our Dojo gives demonstrations within the local area and takes part in the annual South Shuswap Canada Day parade in Blind Bay.  An annual seminar is also held in May on the occasion of Toguchi Kaicho's birthday.   Dates and additional information are available on our website calendar.

Every effort is made to maintain the class schedule.  Exceptionally, some classes may have to be cancelled due to statutory holidays, out of area karate activities, special events held at the Cedar Heights Community Centre or unforeseen circumstances.
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